The Madison Wordplayers

The Madison Wordplayers meets the first Monday of the month (2nd Monday in September) for casual evenings of word games.

There is no charge to participate and anyone interested is invited -- all ages and skill levels are welcome.

Games in our library include:
{A to Z} {Acronymity} {Alpha Bandits} {Alpha Playing Cards} {Apples to Apples} {Bethump'd with Words} {Beyond Balderdash} {Big Boggle} {Blurt} {Body Boggle} {Boggle} {Breakdown} {Buzzword} {Catch Phrase} {Celebrity Taboo} {Cluche} {Codenames} {Code Breaker} {Coodju} {Cranium} {Dabble} {Don't Quote Me} {Double Quick!} {Duplicate Scrabble} {Express Yourself} {Grid Lock} {Guesstures} {Inklings} {Jitters} {Keesdrow Deluxe} {Letter Tycoon} {LetterFlip} {Mad Gab} {Malarky} {My Word!} {My Word! Junior} {Origins} {Outburst} {Password} {PDQ} {Perquackey} {Pick Two} {Pictionary} {Proclaim} {Questique} {Quickword} {Razzle} {Royalty} {Scattergories} {Scrabble} {Scrabble Rebus} {Scrabble Up} {Speliminate} {Spuddle} {Starters} {'Swoggle} {Syzygy} {Taboo} {Three for All} {TriBond} {Triology} {Tri-Virsity} {25 Words or Less} {Up For Grabs} {Upwords} {VisualEyes} {Whatzit!} {Woidz} {Word Madness} {Word Master Mind} {Wordsearch} {Wordsters} {Wordthief} {Word Yahtzee}

Some of these games are linked so that you may purchase them at Funagain Games. If there are other out-of-print or current games you are interested in, try their search form.

Next Meeting:

Monday, January 1, 2017
7:00 to 9:00 pm

Panera Bread
3416 University Avenue [map]
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For more information, contact Dave Friedman at or 608-301-5602

There is also a group that meets on the east side of Madison the third Wednesday of the month from 6-9 pm.

Cool Beans. Next to Rogan's Shoes and across the lot of the Princeton Club next to East Towne Mall.
For more information, contact Sandra Kmiec at

Game donations are welcomed. Send them to:
Dave Friedman
7106 Fortune Drive, #15
Middleton, WI 53562

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